Join Our Team!

We’re looking for a third facilitator for Racial Justice Stances: Grounding in Our Truths. RJ Stances is built around the question: How can we talk about race in ways that bring us together, without avoiding the issues that drive us apart? As workshop delivery ramps up and we start planning for increased demand and busier periods, vacation, and the evolution of our content, we’re looking for another person to co-deliver RJ Stances sessions and, potentially, participate more deeply in our iterative work on the program.

Guiding Principles for RJ Stances

RJ Stances is built to embody the following core precepts:

  • Effective, genuine and humanizing racial justice conversations are possible.

  • All human needs and lived experiences are valid, even as we work to ensure that our society values all humans’ needs and experiences equally.

  • Transformation lies both in acknowledging the harm of oppression and in affirming our common humanity. 

  • Boundaries and choiceful emotional labor are essential to effective racial justice conversations.

  • Tension and mistakes are learning opportunities on the path to liberation, not pitfalls to be feared and avoided at all costs.

  • Racial justice conversations should be normal. Practice can help normalize them.


An ideal facilitator will:

  • Have a strong, intersectional social and racial justice analysis and personal praxis

  • Bring strong facilitation skills

  • Have training and/or experience in transformational coaching

  • Have professional and/or volunteer experience working in multiracial social justice spaces

  • Align with our vision and core precepts, and maybe even help us refine and more deeply embody them, and

  • Have relationships with networks that might expand the base of potential participants.

The current facilitation team for RJ Stances is Tamir Novotny and Kristell Caballero-Saucedo. At this time, our plan is to bring on a facilitator who identifies as BIPOC, with a preference for someone who does not identify as a cisgender man. We believe that this work requires facilitation teams with both strong racial justice values and analyses and a range of racial and gender identities. Furthermore, we are considering offering this session to BIPOC-only groups, which in our view requires an all-BIPOC facilitation team.

If demand for RJ Stances grows enough, we might consider expanding the facilitation team further and would be open to people with a wider range of identities at that time. We’re also happy to connect with white- and man- identifying facilitators for potential collaboration around other/ future projects.


We compensate facilitators at the rate of $1,200 per two-part workshop. This includes four hours of facilitation time and up to two hours of prep/ follow-up time. 

Picking Someone

There are so many amazing facilitators out there! We hope to connect with you whether we end up working together on this project or not. For the purposes of this process, we’ll pick someone based on:

  • Alignment around social/ racial justice analysis, values and facilitation approach

  • An early sense of ease, flow and trust

  • Ability to model if not embody the approach we’re training, and

  • Willingness to flow with us as schedules fluctuate over time and we continue to learn and the workshop continues to evolve.

We value study, training and reflection around your expertise from both formal (e.g. institutional) and non-formal (e.g. lived experience) sources. 


We ask candidates to respond to a few short, written questions, and then, if they look like a potentially strong match, to do a one-hour interview with Tamir and Kristell. We have capacity to interview no more than ten people, and we might only interview five if a few strong contenders emerge early.  Please feel free to reach out to tamir@ahimsastrategies.com and saucedokc@fulbrightmail.org to introduce yourself and share any questions. We hope to have someone lined up no later than the end of April, and sooner if possible.