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Ahimsa Strategies supports individuals and teams in moving through the work of justice, together. Our work focuses on building and nurturing strong holding environments for equity work that allow groups to navigate tension, disagreement, conflict and harm without falling apart.


  • All of us have a stake in dismantling White Supremacy

  • The practice of justice can be nourishing, life-affirming and joyful

  • Much more is possible than any of us can imagine

  • Every moment is an opportunity to practice embodying equity and liberation

  • None of us is disposable as long as we are willing to show up, do the work and be accountable

  • All of us carry internalized White Supremacy within us. It's what we do about it that matters

  • All lived experience is valid

  • Those most affected by systems of oppression should be prioritized in our work. 


Founder and Principal, Ahimsa Strategies

Tamir Novotny, Social Justice Coach, Facilitator and Consultant

Tamir Novotny, MPA, is Founder and Principal of Ahimsa Strategies. Tamir is a cis-presenting queer white man working to dismantle systems of oppression and create a world where all of us are free to live as our true selves. 

Tamir has 15 years of progressive experience in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, in fields including affordable housing, civic technology and sustainable development. Prior to starting Ahimsa Strategies, Tamir led Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy, a membership organization serving early- and mid-career practitioners, where he led the organization through a pivot to focus on racial justice while growing its individual and institutional membership, chapter network, and operating budget.

Tamir is a Certified Professional Coach with a Masters in Public Administration, specializing in Management from New York University's Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, and a BA magna cum laude from NYU in Metropolitan Studies. 

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