Tamir Novotny, Social Justice Coach, Facilitator and Consultant


Ahimsa is a project of Tamir Novotny, MPA, transformational coach and consultant. I’m a cis-presenting queer white man working to dismantle systems of oppression and create a world where all of us are free to live as our true selves, together. 

I believe that the practice of justice can be more nourishing and less exhausting and traumatic than we have come to accept. Multiracial social justice groups are tremendously powerful sites for transformation. However, the work of embodying liberatory principles is not easy, and many forces operating both outside and through us disconnect us from our common humanity. Without conscious cultivation and tending, multiracial groups can fall apart and harm everyone involved. This can be avoided with collective knowledge, skill and intentional practice.

My work focuses on building the collective knowledge, skills and practices that can make justice-oriented spaces more nourishing and life-affirming. I coach individuals looking to find their own way to a healthier and more authentic approach to justice work, and conduct trainings and research to help groups and organizations hold healthier spaces where transformative work is truly possible. My dream is that future generations look back at our struggles and wonder how the work of justice was so hard. If this dream animates you too, let’s connect!