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Building an Equity Container

For organizational leaders hungry to work through tension, conflict and inertia around racial equity and actually get to transformational change

Is your team struggling to make progress on racial equity? Do your conversations feel like they go nowhere and never get to the root of the problem? Is you team stuck in destructive conflict, or avoiding conflict altogether? If so, your group's equity container may need more attention.


An equity container is the set of conditions that allows groups to do the hard work of dismantling systems of oppression without falling apart in the process. It's possible to create a shared set of understandings, skills and cultural norms that help your group engage in healthier conflict, address power disparities between team members, and get better at getting to the heart of the matter.


You will come away from this workshop with:

  • A clearer understanding of what an equity container is and why it matters

  • An initial assessment of your group's container, and

  • An initial action plan and new tools to build, sustain or repair your group's equity container.


This workshop is for organizational leaders hungry for new ways to help their teams embody racial equity and actually get to transformational systems change. You might find particular value in this offering if you:

  • Lead a team or an organization

  • Serve on one or more nonprofit or foundation boards

  • Manage staff

  • Are responsible at an org-wide level for DEI, culture, and/or talent

  • Are on a DEI working group or committee in your organization.

Building an Equity Container is co-facilitated by Tamir Novotny of Ahimsa Strategies and Niki Jagpal of Satori.

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