Image by Atanas Dzhingarov


A workshop for more effective, genuine and humanizing racial justice conversations


How can we talk about race in ways that bring us together, without avoiding the realities that drive us apart?

The work of dismantling white supremacy challenges us to embody our truest selves and our deepest values. But often, even talking about racism with others takes us away from ourselves and from conscious choice in how we show up. This workshop will support you in developing new tools to stay rooted in who you are and what you value, even in moments of tension and conflict. 

This workshop will help you:

  • Develop a stance for racial justice conversations rooted in your core values, beliefs and longings for the world;

  • Better understand, notice and navigate your triggers;

  • Sharpen discernment around when and how to engage in racial justice conversations;

  • Practice your stance in real-world scenarios, guided by facilitators; and

  • Hone your practice of racial justice conversations over time.

Grounding In Our Truths is offered on both an open enrollment basis and for member-serving networks seeking to advance racial equity. The workshop takes place over two, two-hour sessions spaced a week apart. The format emphasizes individual reflection, small-group exploration and full-group practice. As such, we cap each workshop at 30 participants. The workshop is designed for participants with at least a basic knowledge of systemic racism.

Grounding in Our Truths is designed and led by Tamir Novotny, Principal, Ahimsa Strategies and Kristell Caballero Saucedo, Coach and Principal, Living Change. Tamir and Kristell have over 10 years of experience between them working to advance equity within and through institutional philanthropy and nonprofit organizations.

Organizations interested in hosting Grounding in Our Truths should email for more information.