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Image by Atanas Dzhingarov


A workshop for more effective, genuine and humanizing racial justice conversations

Many of our organizations are struggling to dismantle their internalized White Supremacy. One reason: After all we’ve invested in learning about racism and how to undo it, we’re still really, really bad at talking about it. Most of us can’t even think of a racial justice conversation that went “just right.” When it comes to talking about racial justice, we are techniquing ourselves to death. 

If you’re tired of having the same old racial justice conversations over and over, Racial Justice Stances might be for you. Racial Justice Stances skips over the tactics built for small wins or merely surviving racial justice conversations, in favor of an approach that treats any racial justice conversation as an opportunity for deeper human connection and an affirmation of our own inherent power. 

In this workshop, you will:

  • Reconnect with your true source of power in racial justice conversations: Your core self

  • Start to identify your own, authentic approach to racial justice conversations

  • Learn to notice the tools and ways of being you’re using out of habit and get back in the driver’s seat of how you show up

This workshop will be a key step in reclaiming your self-sovereignty and unlocking opportunities to co-create liberation at work, in your communities, and with your loved ones.

Racial Justice Stances is currently offered an open enrollment basis and for member-serving networks seeking to advance racial equity. Open enrollment workshops are currently offered through Equity In The Center.

The workshop is designed and led by Tamir Novotny, Principal, Ahimsa Strategies and Kristell Caballero Saucedo, Coach and Principal, Living Change. Tamir and Kristell have over 10 years of experience between them working to advance equity within and through institutional philanthropy and nonprofit organizations.

Dates for Racial Justice Stance

Organizations interested in hosting Racial Justice Stances should email for more information.

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