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Ahimsa Strategies offers workshops for intermediate to advanced racial justice practitioners looking to lead from a place of self-sovereignty, build stronger teams, and shift patterns of harm to patterns of care.

Image by Atanas Dzhingarov

Racial Justice Stances

A workshop supporting participants in engaging in racial justice conversations rooted in their core truths and vast inner resources.

Building an Equity Container

A pilot workshop supporting teams in creating the conditions that allow them to work through difficult, nuanced and loaded racial justice issues in ways that are nourishing and affirming.

Image by Jon Tyson

De-Escalating Harm in White-Dominant Spaces (forthcoming)

A series of facilitator dialogues focused on shifting patterns of harm to practices of care.

Host A Workshop

We offer in-person and virtual workshops to organizations and member-serving networks. 

Image by 五玄土 ORIENTO
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