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Racial Justice Stances: Open Enrollment

Supporting more effective and humanizing racial justice conversations

Service Description

The work of dismantling white supremacy challenges us to embody our true, liberated selves. But often, even talking about racism with others takes us away from ourselves and away from conscious choice in how we show up. This workshop will support you in developing new tools to keep you rooted in your authentic self even in moments of tension and conflict. This workshop will help you: * Develop a stance for racial justice conversations rooted in your core values, beliefs and longings for the world; * Better understand, notice and navigate your triggers; * Discern when and how you choose to engage in racial justice conversations; * Practice your stance in real-world scenarios, guided by your facilitators, and * Develop a set of habits and supports to help you continue to hone your practice of racial justice conversations. Grounding In Our Truths serves progressive-minded professionals and activists who want to feel more rooted when talking about race, especially across layers of power and privilege. Whether you are trying to move your organization to address structural racism, talk about race with your family, or a facilitator looking to re-ground yourself, this workshop has something for you. Participants should have at least some basic knowledge about systemic racism and how it operates before signing up. Sessions are scheduled on Eastern Time. Registration fees for this workshop are set on a *SLIDING SCALE,* with prices ranging from $100 to $300. If your organization is paying for your registration, we ask that you pay full price if possible. Payments on our sliding scale can be made in increments of $50. PLEASE SEE BELOW for coupon codes to apply at checkout: * Full Price: No Code * $250: SlidingScale250 * $200: SlidingScale200 * $150: SlidingScale150 * $100: SlidingScale100 Scholarships are available to BIPOC grassroots activists upon request. To request a scholarship, please copy and paste this link into your browser:

Cancellation Policy

We accept cancellations and requests to reschedule up to 24 hours in advance

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