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Creating the conditions for groups to dismantle White Supremacy, without falling apart

The work of dismantling White Supremacy within our organizations is as urgent as ever. Despite significant investments of time and resources, it's fair to say that, at a field level, the results are mixed. Some organizations are radically transforming their leadership, spending, policies and internal practices. Some are languishing, or worse, causing further harm, especially to their staff of color. Some critics are rightly asking if white-dominant organizations can ever really dismantle their own White Supremacy.

Confronting an organization's internalized White Supremacy, patterns of harm, and the behaviors of individuals within the organization, is never easy. What enables some organizations to withstand that process while others don't make it?

Surviving Equity Processes is a research and field organizing initiative that aims to help more organizations stay together long enough, and deeply enough, to make transformational change and make it stick. We believe that, if organizations can build and nurture stronger holding environments for equity work, they can achieve more change with less harm.

In support of this work, we:

  • Conduct research to better understand how organizations build, nurture, break and repair the holding environments for their equity work

  • Build communities of practice for laeders working to build and nurture strong containers for equity

  • Offering trainings, workshops and other resources to support organizations, teams and individual practitioners in creating and tending to holding environments for equity work.


Have you ever had an experience in your equity work that was deeply transformative? Or an experience where everything seemed to fall apart? If so, we want to hear your story.

Surviving Equity Processes is starting its work by hearing from practitioners about what they've experienced in equity work and how they're feeling about it in this moment. We believe that solutions lie with practitioners, and want to center the experiences of practitioners, especially practitioners of color, as we start our work.

You can share your stories in any of the following ways:

All stories are kept strictly anonymous unless you explicitly tell us otherwise!

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