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Building an Equity Container

A workshop for leaders looking to build strong multiracial teams that excel at working through harm, tension and conflict in racial justice work.

Has your team laid a foundation for racial equity work, but it still feels like you aren’t getting anywhere? If so, it may be worth looking at your team’s container – the conditions that allow teams to actually be together in the work of dismantling white supremacy. Efforts to change organizational policies, practices and structures often fall apart when your team’s relationships are not where they need to be. And unexplored tensions around how power, accountability and other factors operate on your team can cause harm (especially to team members of color) and damage relationships, undermining your team’s work. 

This workshop will support participants in building stronger equity containers, so that their teams can work through disagreement and conflict in ways that bring them closer together and closer to transformation. 


Participants will come away from this workshop with:

  • A framework for assessing and tending to their team’s/organization’s equity container

  • Increased knowledge of what an equity container is, why it matters, and how tending to it helps equity work go deeper

  • An initial assessment of their team’s and/or organization’s container

  • An action plan to build, repair or strengthen their team’s or organization’s container based on learnings from the initial assessment, and

  • Day-to-day practices they can bring back to their organizations to help tend to their organizations’ containers.

Building an Equity Container is offered on an open enrollment basis through Equity in The Center.

Host Building an Equity Container

Building an Equity Container is available for conference sessions, leadership cohorts, member-serving networks, foundations and nonprofits. Get in touch below and we'll follow up to schedule a consultation.

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